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Rockville Science Center Challenges

Following our very successful Grand Reopening in March and our Rockville Science Day in April, we are now faced with two unanticipated challenges. The Makerspace in the library which we use for programs is being closed down for renovation. It is unlikely we will be invited back. Our financial situation is being stressed due to a significant increase for our storefront. 
We are addressing these challenges but could use some help. We are looking for a replacement facility for the Makerspace. The library Makerspace is about 2500 sq ft. We need to set this up during the summer for our fall programs for middle school and high school students. 
We are also considering a move out of town center. While we enjoy the storefront community interaction, we have difficulty in covering the cost through our programs and grants. We would rather spend funds on our programs than on the facility.
Could you please share our needs and interests with other Rockville businesses? Have them contact me if they would like to help. 

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