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News Release: 6/14/2023

DATE: June 14, 2023
CONTACT: Jane Rader, Jane Rader Public Relations • 571-239-0011 •

Progressions salon spa store Meets with Legislators 
to Promote FICA Tax Tip Credit for Salons

NORTH BETHESDA, MD (June 14, 2023) -- Progressions salon spa store in North Bethesda, Maryland, and members of the Professional Beauty Association recently met with legislators on Capitol Hill to raise awareness and promote the extension of the 45B FICA Tax Tip Credit to the beauty service industry. The FICA Tax Tip Credit for salons is an initiative that will directly benefit women, minorities and small business owners. The 45B Tax Tip Credit provides a dollar-for-dollar credit to salons on FICA taxes paid on customer-paid tips. It would allow salons to keep money in their businesses and extend the benefits to employees.

Originally passed in 1993, the 45B FICA Tax Tip Credit allows restaurants to claim a dollar-for-dollar tax tip credit on the employer portion of FICA taxes that businesses pay on tips employees received directly from customers. However, in the last 30 years since this legislation passed, the tax tip credit has not been extended to the beauty industry which makes up the second highest tip-generating industry in the country.

During her visit with legislators on Capitol Hill, Cindy Feldman, owner of Progressions salon spa store and member of the Professional Beauty Association (PBA) Board of Directors, discussed the importance of public awareness and change, and the need for the beauty industry to be allowed the same parity as the restaurant industry. 

“The beauty service industry is deserving of equitable access to the existing 45B Tax Tip Credit,” notes Ms. Feldman. “This credit will allow salon owners to meet demands and grow their businesses, expand employment, and offer better benefits to employees. Extending this credit to the beauty service industry is long overdue.”

With the January 2023 introduction of the Small Business Tax Fairness and Compliance Simplification Act (H.R. 45), Representatives Suzan DelBene (WA-01) and Darin LaHood (IL-16) introduced bipartisan legislation that would bring tax relief to beauty salon owners and workers by extending the FICA Tax Tip Credit to the beauty service industry. This measure would bring the industry in line with the food and beverage industry. 

For more information on taking action to ask Congress to extend the 45B FICA Tax Tip Credit to salons, visit the Professional Beauty Association’s website at

Founded by Cindy Feldman in 1984, Progressions salon spa store is a prestigious full-service, award-winning salon celebrating 39 years in the Washington, DC area. The salon offers top-of-the-line hair and spa services with the highest commitment to excellence and guest satisfaction. Founder and owner Cindy Feldman has grown the 9,000-square-foot space to create a world-class retreat offering unparalleled service, sophistication and serenity for the salon’s metro Washington, DC clientele. Ms. Feldman is a board member of the Professional Beauty Association, and member of the Montgomery County Public Schools Cosmetology Advisory Committee. Progressions partners with many industry organizations to help support the local community.  Visit

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