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Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence: Intelligent Office of Rockville Secures Small Business of the Ye

In a remarkable convergence of milestones, Intelligent Office of Rockville proves the value of small business ownership and support

ROCKVILLE, Md.Oct. 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Intelligent Office of Rockville, a leading small business services and support franchise under the Empower Brands umbrella, was just named "Small Business of the Year" by the Greater Rockville Chamber of Commerce ("GRCC"). This recognition coincides with the celebration of the business's 20th anniversary, marking two decades of providing innovative solutions and support for small business owners across Rockville and beyond.

The founders of Intelligent Office Rockville, Leslie Malawer Keenan, her husband Chris Keenan and their business partner, Rick Lowrie, each boast impressive corporate backgrounds. However, in the early 2000s, this dynamic trio looked to take control of their own destiny and find better work-life balance through business ownership. Intelligent Office emerged as their best fit, offering a unique and unparalleled path to success.

"As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand the village that it takes to start and run your own business," said Leslie. "We provide innovative service offerings, maintain a customer-centric approach and understand that one size does not fit all. Our staff are personable, helpful and genuinely invested in delivering positive outcomes for the businesses we partner with. Winning this award in the year of our 20th anniversary will serve as a testament to all of their hard work."

Intelligent Office's unique model pioneers small business solutions, providing a versatile range of services such as flexible office spaces, meeting rooms, personalized call answering, executive assistance and business addresses. These offerings empower small business owners to streamline their operations, project professionalism and prioritize business growth.

"Using Intelligent Office ("IO") of Rockville just made sense," said long-time IO of Rockville client and president and CEO of Real Computer Solutions, Ashot "Vinni" Mirzaians. "As a business owner, the bottom line is always the key to success. I've used an IO office since 2016, and I always wondered why I didn't do it earlier when I started my business in 1996. The overall success of having a staff cater to my business needs is amazing; mail, phone and scheduling is an invaluable service that would usually take multiple staff members to hire and maintain. The IO office does an amazing job of it all and keeps my company moving along and looking good."

Intelligent Office of Rockville will host an exclusive 20th Anniversary Celebration Ceremony on October 26, featuring live music, dinner and cocktails for the brand's dedicated members, family and friends to enjoy. During the event, the organization will pay special tribute to nine Intelligent Office members who've been on board since the business's first year of operation. Representatives from GRCC and the City of Rockville will also be in attendance to present Intelligent Office with a 20 Year Citation Award.

In addition, the GRCC will host an official awards ceremony on November 2 at Manor Country Club, where Intelligent Office will be formally presented with the GRCC's Small Business of the Year Award.

About Intelligent Office
Intelligent Office was founded over 30 years ago to pioneer a brand new industry that provides custom-tailored, proven solutions and innovations for small business owners across the United States and Canada. With 55 locations and growing, Intelligent Office has helped businesses of all sizes run more intelligently, efficiently and profitably with virtual and physical office solutions. Service offerings include phone answering and scheduling, flexible meeting and office spaces, virtual assistance and local address services. Headquartered in Alpharetta, Georgia Intelligent Office services a variety of industries including skilled trades, professional services and health services. To learn more, visit

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