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Unknown Keys?  Problem: New restaurant owner only had 1 key to their front entrance doors. The key had belonged to the previous tenant. It was unknown who had additional keys and access to the doors.  Solution: Provide and install new lock cylinders on the front entrance doors and key them alike. Also provided the customer with a security card so they could have additional keys made in the future.
Digital Locks
Customer In A Pinch  Problem: Another company took the lock apart and could not put it back together. They left the site with some of the locking components of the lock, leaving the customer with no way to lock his Store. Solution: Provided all of the missing parts including new keys and key cylinder, put the locking hardware back together. Happy Client!
Broken Entrance Lock.  Replaced the broken lock and rekeyed it to the existing tenants key.
Broken Storefront Door Lock  Problem: The front door would not secure. Solution: Repaired the door lock and corrected door alignment problem.
High Security Keys
Surprise Visitors In Restaurant Bathroom! - No Privacy!!! Problem: Bathroom door will not stay locked, people walking in unexpectedly. Solution: Adjust the door hinges so the door is properly aligned and slightly modify the strike plate to accept the lock latch bolt. Now customers can go in privacy!
Member of ALOA Security Professionals Association,Inc.
Member of The International Association of Investigative Locksmiths
Surprise! “Safe Found In Wall!” Problem: Homeowner found a locked safe in a wall of their house during renovations. Solution: Opened the safe for the homeowner.
Unique Broken Gate Lock – Could Not Exit Door  Problem: Client had a broken gate lock that was an emergency exit from their house. The door was locked closed and they could not exit to the balcony. They were in need of a company that could provide help. Solution: Open the door lock and replace the hard to find lock so that in an emergency the occupants could exit the door.
Problem: Client would like to unlock the door remotely. Solution: Installation of an electric strike.
Problem: Customers could not open the door. Solution: Repaired the door closer and made adjustments to the door hinges.
School Door  Problem: School door was not securing correctly. Solution: Repair exit hardware to properly secure door.
Problem: Restaurants chains had robberies of money drop safes (installed by others) that were broken into and the money taken. Solutions: Provided higher quality drop safes and properly bolted them to the floor.
Problem: New property management company took over multi-tenant tenant office building and did not have accountability of keys nor were good key control practices observed by the previous property management company. Solutions: Develop, design and implement a new master key system. Carefully planned the master key system by balancing out maximum security with maximum convenience for the client. Installation went very smoothly for the client.
Digital Lock Retrofit
Problem: Client did not want to see any visible wires. Solution: Drill in the face of the door straight through to the hinge side of the door to conceal wires. Installed electric strike and electric power transfer hinge.
LSBRP Certified Montgomery County Maryland
Problem: Church needed a safe to store money. Solution: Donated a money drop safe and installed it.
Access Control
Exit Devices
Building Master Key Systems
Door Closer
Desk and File Cabinet Locks
Konnectlock™ GPS and GSM Mul-T-Lock High Security Padlock
S&G 2890B
Door Sweeps
High Security Hockey Puck Lock
Problem: Cannot lock front door with concealed vertical rod exit device. Solution: Took the exit device apart and repaired it.

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Mr. Richard (Rick) Karas
President, Registered Locksmith, Certified Fire Door Inspector

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