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Title and Settlement Services

Eastern Title is a Residential and Commercial Title Insurance and Settlement Company. At Eastern Title & Settlement, we’re in the peace of mind business. Our team has over forty-six years of experience and work tirelessly to accommodate all of your settlement needs. We close anywhere, anytime! Eastern Title headquarters is located at 6100 Executive Boulevard, Suite 410, Rockville Maryland, 20852. We work with all real estate professionals and their clients in DC, Md,Va,De,Fl

Flat Rate

Summer Time Meeting Space Special!

With our Intelligent Flex-Space, you can have fully-furnished offices and presentation-ready conference rooms in a Class-A Office Space whenever you need it. You only pay for what you use and our summer-time savings is the perfect time to get away from the distractions of your home and maximize your productivity.

Intelligent Office Flex-Space

B2B Partnership with MASTIHA Bakery

If you are interested in a B2B Partnership with us, let's connect. We are always looking to support other businesses and organizations in creative ways that bring the community out. We also have a sponsorship-structured partnership online at if you are interested. There are 3 levels, each offering great ways to cross-promote both our brands.

a single bee alone does not produce honey ~greek proverb

Free PC tune-up

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